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Kaapsehoop is a quaint little village at the top of a mountain, known for its wild horses, wonderful scenery, blue swallows and friendly spirit.

It’s a misty mountain place with a high annual rainfall. Charming guesthouses and B&Bs abound, and it’s especially popular for hiking and horse riding, as well as shopping and pub hopping.

The discovery of gold in the streams around Kaapsehoop led to the establishment of the town in 1882. The gold, and its prosperity, have long left the area, but the charming village remains. It is now centre for commercial forestry in the area. Originally called Duiwel's Kantoor (Devil’s Office) it was renamed Kaapsche Hoop in the 1880s because the unusual rock formations and swirling mists brought Cape Town’s Table Mountain to mind.

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Birding - This is one of Kaapsehoop’s biggest attractions and it draws thousands of birders every year. The Kaapsehoop area offers protection to between nine and twelve pairs of the globally threatened blue swallow. It is designated as an Important Bird Area.

History & heritage - The first official government buildings were erected in 1885 and still stand today. You can take a guided tour of the village and learn more about its colourful gold rush past.

Wild horses - There are many different tales about how the famous wild horses came to be in Kaapsehoop. Currently there are between 160 and 200 feral horses that roam the area. They are predominantly Boerperd species, with herds ranging from small groups of three to bigger, more structured herds of 15 - 20 horses. The wild horses tend to astound visitors, who can be seen staring in amazement at them, roaming the mountain plains, wild and free.

Horse riding - One of the most popular activities in this forgotten little mining village is horse riding. There are some wonderful horse riding trails here, from day outings to seven-day trails through glorious mountain scenery.

Hiking - There are excellent hiking trails in the mountains around Kaapsehoop, offering wonderful views of the valleys and the escarpment’s edge.

Arts & crafts - The misty mountain here has long attracted artists and the little village is known for its creativity. Kaapsehoop is a good place to unleash your own inner artist – there are painting workshops available and you can visit crafters in their studios.

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