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About Nightjar

Nightjar Travel started out essentially as a travel planner for the family. We have been exploring South Africa for over three decades, and in the early days we relied on guide books and magazines for all of our planning. When the Internet started coming into prominence, we looked forward with eager anticipation to good quality online information about activities and destinations. But over time this excitement turned to disappointment as the 'online promise' never fully materialised. Make no mistake, there are a number of great specialist sites out there. Being generalists however, we found it frustrating to wade through swathes of fragmented information to extract 'the best of...' across a spectrum of activities, attractions and destinations. So we set out to build a site that would do just that.

To ensure that we captured the highlights in each category, we relied almost exclusively on the recommendations and contributions of seasoned travel journalists. Every item in the Destination Guide was specifically written for us.

Then, having built a comparatively advanced mapping tool for the Destination Guide, we used it to create a set of journeys that cover all the classical self drive routes across South African. They can be used as they are, or cusomised to suit your own preferences and time constrains.

Although we think the Destination Guide is a great resource, we recognised that it is, by definition, static in nature, and that supplementing this with up to the minute, dynamic input would be invaluable, particularly to seasoned travellers. With this in mind, we added an online travel magazine to the mix. The magazine is home to a range of travel articles and blogs, social media feeds, an Events Calendar and an inspirational Image Gallery. We are also very pleased to have the support of a number of top South African travel magazines, in the form of a monthly article on our 'magazine stand'.

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