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The Team

Erik Brits
Design Chief / Social Media

Erik studied business science and astrophysics, but the allure of life as a travel junkie proved too seductive for him to be tempted into a suit-and-tie job. He is the prototypical technology traveller. If he had lived two hundred thousand years ago, he would be the Neanderthal with the carbon fibre axe handle and the titanium blade, sending smoke signals with a Kevlar blanket. These days you can spot him racing across forsaken landscapes waving his iPad out of the window of his 4x4 to improve the signal. His version of the age-old philosophy question is: “If a road does not exist on a GPS, does the road exist at all?” 

Fiona McIntosh

Fiona is the only real adventurer in the team. (Sorry, boys!) She's the one who would swap a night in Cape Town’s One&Only for a night in a dripping wet cave in the Cederberg any day. Permanently restless, the best you can hope for is to keep up. Last year alone, she climbed Gunnbjornsfjeld in Greenland, rock faces in Yosemite, and ran the 800km Camino de Santiago in 20 days, and that's not counting smaller outings like climbing the Bell in the Drakensberg (as an afterthought to the Tourism Indaba). Fiona is one of the firm fixtures on the South African travel scene. Besides having written about a dozen guidebooks and contributed to many more, she is a regular freelance contributor to local travel magazines. 

Guy Bedford
Chief of Technology 

Guy single-handedly programmed the website (in bits and pieces) over the period of a year. Much of that time was spent patiently explaining the concepts of architecture, taxonomy and suchlike to the rest of the team - and even more patiently re-working sections for colleagues, who never fully grasped that, "Oh, but can't we rather do it like this?" sometimes meant a week of painstakingly rewriting code. Having lived on three continents, Guy is also a bit of a travel nut - which is probably why he kept his cool with the rest of the team. Though he did have to take a 3 month break in the middle (exploring Eastern Africa by public transport) to blow off some steam!

George Brits
Big Chief

George’s garage at home looks like a display area for Cape Union Mart, and he has badgered and bullied his family along on many an outrageous outing. Once upon a time, his view was that if you could hike 30km in a day, why would you want to hike 20? However, he met his nemesis in Mama Nightjar. Her view was that if you could sit on the stoep and admire the mountain, preferably with a good single malt in hand, why bother to hike at all? He doesn't easily talk about the compromises involved, but it's safe to say that these days things are usually more sedate. George knows just enough about technology to be really dangerous and is solely responsible for Guy’s Prozac consumption. One of his greatest goals in life is to get Erik to get up before 11 in the morning.

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