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Free Flying Adventures Hang-gliding School, Grasslands

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14km from Centurion

-25.8298, 28.0951


+27 82 892 3664


Hang-gliding is probably the closest you will ever come to flying like a bird. It’s not particularly complicated but it’s also not that simple - so it’s worth doing right.

Grasslands is conveniently close to Johannesburg and Pretoria (it’s just outside Centurion). So it’s not a hassle to travel backwards and forwards for the course duration of three weeks.

First you learn all about the glider, how to handle it on the ground, and how to carry and transport it safely. Then you learn a bit about the conditions in the sky – weather, wind, clouds, etc. The theory is rounded of with some basic aerodynamics.

After playing around on the ground and in a simulator, you get to do some gentle, low flights. You don’t have to leap off a hill or anything. It’s all done with a cunningly designed winch powered by a scooter. On the first few flights you stay only a few metres above the ground. Once your instructor is confident that you can handle the glider, you get to go higher and higher. Before you know it, you’re ready to do some real flying.

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