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Magalies Gliding Club

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12km from Magaliesburg

-26.0416, 27.5944


+27 83 359 7357


If you’ve ever wondered why raptors fly in circles, it’s not because they are intently focused on the same spot on the ground. These most efficient flyers in the world circle to stay in thermals that keep them aloft without their having to flap their wings.

That’s what good glider pilots do, too. A glider stays aloft by harnessing thermals of rising hot air, continuously circling to do so. Once you’ve reached a good altitude, you can slip out of the thermal and glide off across country. You then ‘refuel’ when you find another thermal to give you some more altitude.

If this sounds like the sort of thing you’d like to do, the best way to find out for sure is to do an ‘Introduction to Gliding’ - a scenic flight from Orient Airfield. It’s best to set aside the whole day, as flying time is weather dependent and there may be quite a few aspiring glider pilots giving it a try. You will either fly in a motorised glider, which uses an engine to get up in the air and then glides, or in a non-motorised glider that is pulled into the air by a tow plane. Either way, you’ll get to experience the thrill of unpowered flight.

Once flying is over for the day, a cash bar is open in the clubhouse, where you can talk gliding with new, aspiring and experienced pilots.

Orient Airfield is conveniently close to the main Gauteng cities - only 50km from Johannesburg and 65km from Pretoria. ‘Introduction to Gliding’ is offered on weekends and public holidays, weather permitting.

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