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Skydive (Tandem) Carletonville

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4km from Carletonville

-26.3663, 27.35



If free-falling is your game, suit up and do a daring jump from an aeroplane cruising at an altitude of 11 000 feet. A jump from 11 000 feet to a drop zone at 5 500 feet above sea level, offers a very different experience to aerial jumps done at a sea level destination.

Sky diving is the ultimate aerial sport and if you’re in search for a once-off thrill, tandem jumping requires no training or previous experience. Settle in for a quick briefing then head into the clouds aboard one of the planes. Once the instructor has convinced you to step into the fresh air zone, you will free-fall at 200 kilometres per hour for up to 40 seconds before your instructor pulls the cord. And once the chute opens, you can look forward to a gentle five to eight minute canopy ride back down to earth.

Students take a 10 minute training session at the drop zone with a licensed instructor who will explain the jump process and landing technique. You are harnessed to your instructor in the plane and exit the aircraft together. All you have to do then is relax and enjoy the ride! You will free fall for about 40 seconds at a speed of 120 mph, at which time you will have the opportunity (if you like) to pull the ripcord to deploy a parachute that is specifically designed for two people, and steer the parachute before the instructor takes over to ensure a safe, soft landing.


1 hour.


All equipment hire is included in the price.


A doctor's permission letter will be necessary for anyone with existing medical conditions.
An indemnity must be completed before the skydive.
There is no age limit for tandem skydiving in South Africa. However, written parental consent must be given to participants under the age of 18 years.
A maximum weight limit of 95 kg or 209 pounds applies. You WILL be weighed before the jump.
No person will be allowed to skydive if under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic substance. Do not drink before you jump or you will forfeit your deposit!
Full payment secures your booking. No refunds. In the case of bad weather, your jump will be rescheduled. 


Carletonville, Gauteng. Take the R501 off the N12 to Carletonville. Continue for 20 kilometres, then turn right into Dolomite Drive and take the first left into Coronation Street. Turn left at the T-junction 3.5 kilometres later. As this street turns to the left take the dirt road to the right. After about 1.2 kilometres you will see the hangars and the Johannesburg Skydiving Club's buildings off to the left.

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Sky Dive Joburg.

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