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South Coast


A little seaside village with a Scottish sounding name, Hibberdene is a perennial favourite amongst local holidaymakers, and is growing in popularity among foreigners too.

Just 100 kilometres from Durban, Hibberdene actually gets its name from the former postmaster-general of Natal, C Maxwell-Hibberd, apparently amongst the first people to retire here. The town is centrally located on the South Coast, meaning residents here have the pick of the best from the dozens of towns to the north and south, from golf courses to malls and nature reserves.

Hibberdene is a typical lazy little seaside town most of the year but experiences a huge swell in numbers during the holidays, and when the Greatest Shoal on Earth comes to town.

Yes, Hibberdeners claim that their town is one of the best spots to view the Sardine Run, and it certainly is an incredible spectacle, from land or from sea, as sharks, dolphins, seals and flocks of seabirds pillage the millions of fish. Because it is a popular tourist town, Hibberdene has many convenient attractions, places to stay and things to do.

One attraction is scuba diving and the rock reef off the coast is very highly regarded, as well as being populated by a number of interesting fish and corals, fans and sponges. Fishing is also good, while whale and dolphin tours are available.

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A bit of fun in the sun is available at the Hibberdene Super Tube on the beachfront, although miniature golf might be more your thing if you prefer gentler entertainment.

Scuba diving is good and the wall of coral on the reef is a beautiful sight. Also keep a look out for all sorts of interesting fish.

Surf, swim or fish at any of the local beaches, most of which are protected by shark nets and lifeguards. Umzumbe, just a few minutes from Hibberdene, boasts one of the few Blue Flag beaches on the KwaZulu-Natal coast.

Shaka’s isivavane near Umzumbe is a fascinating piece of local history. It is said that Shaka was on a raid against a tribe of cannibals who lived in the area. After defeating them, he performed a Zulu tradition for good luck. He picked up a pebble in his toes, placed it in his hand, spat on it and said a prayer. He then placed the pebble on the ground, after which his impi followed his actions, creating a pile of pebbles that still exists on the side of a path with a beautiful view.

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