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Kingsburg & environs

South Coast


The resort villages of Illovo Beach, Warner Beach, Winkelspruit and Karridene lie mere kilometres apart from each other, just south of the bustling Amanzimtoti, and make up the greater district of Kingsburgh.

Kingsburgh is named after Dick King, the British hero who rode from Durban to Grahamstown to get support for a besieged garrison.

Illovo Beach is another relaxing destination, with great beaches, surfing and fishing, as well as a few lovely resorts complete with campsites and all manner of activities from putt-putt to table tennis and arcade games.

There is a variety of accommodation, some offering unparalleled views of the ocean.Warner Beach is well thought of in surfing circles and most summer mornings see a host of surfers riding their boards or waiting for the perfect wave.

It’s also known by bargain hunters as having some good second-hand shops, so browse away! The rocky point is a great place to do some salt-water fly-fishing.

Winkelspruit, either named after the periwinkles on the beach or a store that was once erected on the beach to sell items salvaged from a wreck (it depends on who you ask!), is a quiet little spot where life revolves around the beach and the ocean. Fishing, surfing, swimming and a tidal pool are all here.

The last village of the four is Karridene, very much a holiday resort where beach tourism is the name of the game. It is serviced by a significant holiday resort and hotel with all amenities, while the beach is beautiful and the lagoon is a short stroll away.

No matter where in Kingsburgh you choose to stay, you will be conveniently situated to take advantage of all the facilities and activities that abound in the area, from Ushaka Marine World in Durban down to Aliwal Shoal and the beautiful golf courses. If you ever leave the beach, that is.

Look out for

Fly-fish your way along the rocky coast in front of Warner Beach. You probably won’t catch anything big (although there’s always a chance) but there are plenty of small fish around that will happily take a fly.

Browse the second-hand shops of Warner Beach, especially if you’re in the market for a surfboard, snorkelling kit, or anything to do with the beach. Not that it’s limited to that, of course.

Go for a cup of coffee and a snack at one of the beachfront cafes and watch the ocean unfold in front of you. Dolphins, whales and more are always a possibility.

Pick a spot on this long line of beaches and enjoy a peaceful day of sea, sand and sun-tanning. Hit the well-known surf spot of Warner Beach to catch some waves and learn from the locals.

Resort villages in Kingsburgh: Illovo Beach, Warner Beach, Winkelspruit and Karridene.

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