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Salt Rock

North Coast


A little north of Ballito are the neighbouring towns of Salt Rock and Shaka’s Rock. These sleepy little villages could once have been called hamlets, although during the holiday season they can get quite busy. Like many coastal towns, they both have a solid fishing history, with many farmers from the area first building cottages here for that very purpose.

These days fishermen still try their luck, although the vast majority of visitors come for the overall beach experience of sand, surf and sunshine.

Salt Rock is said to have gotten its name from the rock in front of the hotel; apparently a source of salt for local Zulu people in years gone by. Shaka’s Rock was once a favoured seaside retreat of the great Zulu king. Zulu warriors jumped off the high rock into the sea in order to prove their bravery. It is also alleged that those who had fallen out of favour of Shaka were thrown off of it.

Both Salt Rock and Shaka’s Rock have beautiful swimming and surfing beaches that are serviced by lifeguards. Fishing is good from both the shore and boats, while there are some excellent reefs for keen divers.

Accommodation ranges from a family hotel through to B&Bs and self-catering flats.

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Sneak through Hole in the Wall, a natural rock formation, and go for a hike along the beach or the cliff-tops. Stop at High Rock to marvel at the bravery of Shaka’s warriors and the misfortune of his enemies.

Slip into the water and follow an aquatic trail, snorkelling along the rocks and coves in search of something interesting. Kids can safely learn to snorkel in one of the tidal pools.

Have a leisurely game of bowls at the Salt Rock country club – it’s not just for retired folks.

Everyone loves the country lifestyle of a good market, and Salt Rock is serviced by a couple of great ones. The Litchi Orchard is a local favourite, attracting regular visitors from all over. It’s set in a litchi orchard, and has a resident coffee roaster as well. 

Take a drive inland to Umhlali for a round of golf. The children can learn all about snakes and other critters at the reptile park while the golfers do their thing.

Dive at renowned Tiffany’s Reef off Salt Rock, or try for a few crayfish in season.

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