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Shelly Beach

South Coast


This stretch of coast is the hub of the central South Coast and small town after small town merges into each other. Almost all of these towns offer wonderful, picturesque beaches and Shelly Beach is no different. The little town is named after the sea shells that decorate its beaches and which make a stroll along the coastline a rewarding and attractive pastime.

But what makes Shelly Beach stand out from the rest is the deep-sea adventures it offers, as the town is known as a mecca for ski-boaters and divers. Boats launch daily from the Shelly Beach Ski Boat Club, heading out for whale- or dolphin-watching, deep-sea fishing or scuba-diving. Just 7,5 kilometres out to sea lies Protea Banks, an internationally renowned dive site that offers incredible shark encounters with very experienced operators.

Two significant shopping centres have raised the profile of the town and provide locals and visitors with somewhere to go and something to do when the weather is miserable.

Shelly Beach is also conveniently situated at a crossroads, one of the roads heading inland towards the attractive and entertaining Oribi Gorge. Other towns in the area that are easily accessed from Shelly Beach are St Michaels, Uvongo and Port Shepstone.

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The Protea Banks are a major attraction, especially for more experienced divers who are ready for the adrenaline-inducing experience of swimming with sharks. Bull, tiger, ragged-tooth, hammerhead and even the occasional great white can be seen.

The Pure Venom Reptile Park is home to a large collection of animals, from the creepy to the fluffy. Kids and their parents will be fascinated by the crocodiles, mambas and other snakes in the reptile farm, while the animal farm holds rabbits, ponies and other domesticated animals. There is also a restaurant on the property and children’s parties can be organised.

Whale-watching is immensely popular and don’t for one moment think you have to go to Hermanus to do it! Whales and dolphins move in large numbers up and down the South Coast and watching them with an experienced guide is very satisfying.

Shelly Beach is one of the most active boat-launching sites on the South Coast, with a very active fishing fraternity. Fishing charters head out daily in pursuit of the ocean’s bounty, be it game fish or bottom-fishing, and some of the favourite quarry includes sailfish, tuna and dorado.

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