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South Coast


A short drive north of Port Shepstone, Umtentweni is a small and relaxed town with tree-lined roads and beautiful gardens and is popular with holiday goers as well as retirees, and commuters who work in Port Shepstone.

Like many towns on the South Coast, Umtentweni is situated on the banks of a river, in this case the Mtentweni River, which also gives the town its name. The river is perfect for exploring, be it on the water in a canoe or along the banks on foot. Fish eagles call overhead and trumpeter hornbills forage noisily for fruit.

Umtentweni is also closely linked to Southport, Anerley, Sunwich Port and Banana Beach, a stretch of villages and resorts that all offer great beaches.

Exploring these little spots with a picnic, or popping in for a milkshake at one of the local tea rooms, is a very chilled way to spend a day.

The main Umtentweni Beach is long and relatively quiet, offering excellent swimming and surfing with the protection of lifeguards.

Fishermen can try their luck and may well be rewarded, but more popular fishing beaches can be found just further north on the Sea Park stretch of coastline.

Look out for

Hire a canoe and paddle up the Mtentweni River, keeping an eye open for interesting bird species. A walk along the river banks can also be a pleasant outing.

Spend a day on any one of the many beaches and bays along this pretty stretch of the coast. Swimming, surfing, fishing or just peering into rock pools will keep you and the family busy for days.

When the whales are around, go for a seafood lunch at one of the beachfront restaurants and ask for a table with a view.  

Keep a lookout for the telltale spout of water or the huge splash when a whale breaches.

Because Umtentweni is so close to Port Shepstone, it’s easy to pop down and explore the river waterfront or climb the Port Shepstone lighthouse. Oribi Gorge is also not far awayKill two birds with one stone by collecting mussels from the rocks (with a permit, of course) at low tide. It’s fun and a cheap way to get a seafood dinner!

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