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Culinary matters

Travel wallet

Eating out
As almost everywhere else in the world, eating out has become a way of life for travellers. Restaurants abound and cater for a range of tastes and budgets. At the ubiquitous fast food chains, a hamburger or equivalent will cost between R10 and R20. At one of the many casual à la carte restaurants, the cost of a main meal will vary from R50 – R100. In the more upmarket or popular places this may increase to R100 – R150. There are usually a number of top end restaurants in the bigger cities where prices will be more ambitious. Restaurants and pubs have been declared "smoke-free" areas and it is strictly enforced. Some restaurants have smoking sections, either ventilated indoor areas or outdoor open areas.

10% - 15% is the norm.

Drinking water
South Africa's tap water is generally of high quality.

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