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News, TV & Cell Phones

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International newspapers
International newspapers are not freely available, but some of the bigger news agencies in the large cities do carry the FT and sometimes the Wall Street journal. Business magazines are more freely available.

Local newspapers
Local newspapers are generally of a high standard, but focus on local news and do not provide much coverage of global events beyond the “CNN headline” level.

There are three local TV channels that are offered by the local broadcasting corporation (SABC), an independent free channel, eTV, and a new pay-channel, TopTV. Of more interest to travellers from abroad, DSTV offers a bouquet of international channels to subscribers. These include BBC News, Sky News, CNN and a range of National Geographic and Discovery channels.

Cell phones
South Africa has the most developed telecommunications network in Africa. The country's four cellular operators provide telephony to over 39 million subscribers. However, access is expensive by international standards, so please check rates before you phone or connect to your mail account.

W-Fi is available in all the large centres, but is usually not free.

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