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2018 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

2018 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

Dec 2018

Back due to popular demand, RAM Mountaineering is very excited to announce another TWO screenings of the 2018 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival – one  in Cape Town at Just Like Papa on 12th December and the other in Port Elizabeth at Valley Crag on 5th December.

The jam-packed, adventure-filled line-up will feature some of SA's best new talent. 

The Line Up

In Perpetual Motion
Krystle Wright is a photographer, that lives a semi-nomadic lifestyle in her quest to capture unique moments from extreme sports, expeditions and adventures across the globe.

Where The Wild Things Play

This rowdy ode to female athletes by Krystle Wright leaves no doubt about the state of women in today’s outdoor world: badass. 

Wild Coast

Local SUP surfers Emre Bosut and Glen Pearson discuss the experience of living and surfing in Tofino, British Columbia.

Ice Call Sam Favret

Discover a new perspective of the mythical Mer de Glace, at the heart of the Mont-Blanc mountain.

Life in Orange

Growing up in the sport climbing Mecca of Watervalboven, Mel Janse van Rensburg showed little interest in rock climbing – but then he started …. 

Coconut Connection

Having previously explored the coast of Baffin on board the famous Dodo’s Delight Nicolas Favresse & Sean Villanueva decide to return on a big wall free climbing expedition in the month of July which is rumoured to have better weather. 


They say that when you’re first born you have two real fears. One of them is the fear of heights. Engaging with that fear starts with a step - - and ends with a step. The space between is just a series of moments. 

Searching for the Christmas Tree

A university teacher looking to break free from a life of routine and a mysterious frozen waterfall that no one knows the whereabouts, spins this story of seemingly futile quests and ultimately transcending climb.


This film is called Pursuit because that is what it’s about. When it comes to storm chasing, you can’t give up. This film is the result of 27 days chasing storms across 10 states, driving 28,000 miles and shooting over 90,000 time-lapse frames. 

Going Solo

A story about a solo kayaker’s special bond with a river after almost drowning. We follow Andrew Kellett on his white water journey as he makes peace with Cape Town’s Witte River again.

This Way Up

This Way Up tells the story of professional mountain bike guide Andy McKenna's pharma-free face-off with Multiple Sclerosis and his quest for a holistic path to health.

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Trailer for VIMFF:

Nightjar Travel