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5 Capes

5 Capes

Mar 2015

By Dawid Mocke

Join Dawid and Jasper Mocke as they take you on a journey of adventure and exploration during this paddling expedition along the amazing southern coast of Africa. You cannot ask for two better coaches, mentors and tour leaders; the Mocke brothers love their paddling and cherish their country. During this trip you will have an awesome paddling adventure and improve your paddling as you are coached by the best. All levels of paddler are tailored for; an intrepid spirit is the only requirement.

Days 1 -2 | 23 – 24 Mar

Your sojourn starts on the 23rd March in the Eastern Cape, well known for its down to earth and friendly locals. You will begin in the “Friendly City” Port Elizabeth, where the adventure starts by paddling around the Cape Recife, culminating in riding the longest surfski wave in the world, with rides sometimes in excess of 2 minutes!

The haunting Cape Recife – home to the longest surfski wave in the world.

From P.E. it is a short drive to the small coastal town of Cape St Francis. This is one of South Africa’s favourite ocean playgrounds and home to the highest mason structure in Southern Africa, the St Francis Lighthouse. St Francis is also near the world famous surfing break Jeffrey’s Bay. After working on your wave skills at the friendly surf break of St Francis and some technique coaching on the nearby canals, you will paddle around the Cape St Francis.

The Cape of St Francis – home to Southern Africa’s largest mason structure.

Days 3 – 4 | 25 – 26 Mar

On the 26 March you will then continue your journey down the coast. Your destination is the beautiful town of Knysna. After a training session on the Knysna Lagoon, home to the world’s only estuarine seahorses, you will paddle through the Knysna Heads, an unforgettable experience since it is as if passing through a massive natural ocean gateway.

Knysna Heads – The Heads was passable through the westerly channel.

From the base in Knysna you will paddle around Cape Seal – the Robberg Peninsula - one of South Africa’s most precious marine protected areas, and the headland leading to Bahia Formosa, Plettenberg Bay.

You can see why the Portuguese named it Bahia Formosa (Beautiful Bay).

Days 5 – 6 | Mar 27 – 28

After paddling around Cape Seal you will head further south. Your next destination? The tip of Africa! The small coastal town of Agulhas will be your base for 2 days as you explore the Overberg region, famous for its immense bio-diversity. During your stay you will visit the L’Agulhas Lighthouse, which houses South Africa’s lighthouse museum and enjoy a meal at a restaurant at the bottom of Africa. But before lunch you will do a landmark paddle. You will paddle around the southernmost tip of Africa – Cape Agulhas – and lay claim to having officially paddled from one ocean to another – the Atlantic to the Indian.

The bottom of Africa.

Agulhas – Visiting the Lighthouse.

Days 8 – 10 | Mar 29 – 31

It is then time to head for the most majestic cape of them all. You’ll arrive in Cape Town, one the most beautiful cities in the world. You will spend 3 days paddling and exploring the area with Dawid and Jasper as they take you on the famous Millers Run and paddle their favourite training routes. You will climb Table Mountain, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Most importantly, you will be paddling around the spectacular and iconic Cape of Good Hope.

Table Mountain, a lifetime landmark to see and visit.

You can expect this trip to be filled with much more than just paddling. This part of the country offers not only amazing trails and spectacular mountains and gorges just begging to be explored, but is rich in history and cultural diversity. The short distances between the capes will allow ample time for exploration.

All Levels are catered for; an intrepid spirit is the only requirement.

Whether you are an experienced ocean paddler, or have just started your paddling career, the 5 Capes adventure will satisfy every intrepid bone in your body. Dawid and Jasper are some of the most experienced ocean guides you could ask for; you can trust that they will use their experience to get you around each Cape.

All equipment is provided across a range of ability, from racing surfskis to the most stable – you may use whichever you feel comfortable depending on the day. Dawid and Jasper will also bring double skis that are a great way to learn skills and also paddle if conditions get tricky.

Leaving the shores of South Africa you will have had an adventure and an experience that very few can lay claim to – paddling the 5 Capes with Dawid and Jasper Mocke.

Paddling around the Cape of Good Hope is unforgettable.


Arrive in Port Elizabeth (P.E.) 22 March
23/24 March – P.E. & St Francis | Cape Recife & Cape St Francis
25/26 March – Knysna | Cape Seal Robberg Peninsula
27/28 March – L’Agulhas | Cape Agulhas
29 – 31 March – Fish Hoek | Cape Point | Millers Runs
Depart Cape Town 1 April

Transfers, transport, accommodation, surfskis, coaching and meals included. Flights to Cape Town, and connecting flights, not included.

Bring your paddles, PFD, Leash, Cellphone Dry Bag & Booties…and 3 sets of paddling kit (or purchase from Mocke Paddling and collect when you arrive).

Price per paddler: R37 000.  Space is limited to 6 persons per trip.

For more information and to “Book your Spot” send and email to:  [email protected]

Conquering the Cape of Good Hope.

Your hosts & the team:

Dawid Mocke:  Dawid is a 4 x World Surfski Series champion (2009-2012) and is the founder of the Surfskischool and the Mocke paddling brand. In 2002 Dawid was a team member of the 1000mile Challenge that paddled from Cape Town to Durban including the 5 Capes coast. Always optimistic, his careful, cautious and calculated approach makes Dawid the voice of reason on tour and our tour leader.

Jasper Mocke:  Jasper is the 2014 (and currentl9 World Surfski Series Champion.  A qualified physiotherapist now professional paddler, he has multiple international titles and podium finishes across a variety of paddling disciplines from surfski, to flatwater and river marathon. The former National Lifesaving team member and captain, has spent the last 4 years exploring the coastline between Knysna and Port Elizabeth. His sense of adventurous fun and games will ensure never a dull moment while on tour.

Aden Kleeve:  Aden will be taking care of mission critical tasks during the trip. A long-time employee of the Surfskischool and Paddling Centre, Aden is our trusted steed ready and willing to take on the challenges that make any tour a success. Aden is a semi-professional body boarder who has spent many hours along the 5 Capes coast and knows its nuances down to a tee. His input on tour will be most valuable.

Nikki & Micaela Mocke:  Nikki, married to Dawid, is a former Olympian who is well versed in the specific needs of a travelling paddler. Micaela, married to Jasper, is a designer and brand specialist in the fashion industry. She is also well versed in the world of travel. Nikki and Micaela will be taking care of logistics from “Home Base” in Fish Hoek and make sure that various travel arrangements are operating smoothly. They will be taking care of accommodation arrangement and bookings as well as other activities planned.

Source: Mocke Paddling

Cape Recife Lighthouse
Cape St Francis Resort
Sailing on the Knysna Lagoon
Robberg Nature Reserve
Agulhas National Park
Cape Agulhas Lighthouse Trail

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