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8 Convenient Camping Gear Updates

8 Convenient Camping Gear Updates

Feb 2015

By Melanie van Zyl

1. Go grill with a tire mounted braai

Taking up little packing space this ingenious Front Runner Spare Tyre Mount Braai Grid stores (as the name suggests) over the spare tyre hanging off the back of your 4×4. Made from stainless steel the grid is sturdy and features two different grill options plus versatile legs, which easily adjust to your tyre size (fits sizes 29 to 35-inches).
Buy the tire mounted braai: R925, from Front Runner.

2. Pack this Collapsible Stew Pot

Compact and made from soft silicone this Collapsible Stew Pot packs down to a flat disk making a change from bulky potjie pots. The stainless steel base can be used on gas or sit on a grid over hot coals, but keep away from open flames to prevent it blackening. It will not dent or wear out and it’s easy to carry and store.
Buy the Collapsible Stew Pot: R390 including delivery, from

3. Cool down with this 11-litre Snomaster Console Fridge

It looks small but the 11-litre Snomaster Console Fridge packs a punch. It fits snugly on the floor between the front and back seat, and the lengthy cord easily plugs into the cigarette lighter. It’s a great weekend companion to keep basic dairy or meat supplies fresh and fits two upright two-litre bottles. Use as either a fridge or freezer.
Buy the 11-litre Snomaster Console Fridge: R5 000, from Snomaster.

4. Rinse off with a High-Volume Camp Shower

Powered by a 12-volt battery the Natural Instinct High-Volume Camp Shower is for remote and dusty camping trips. Fill up a bucket or a jerry can and fit one end of the hose into the water and power up the showerhead. The pressure is impressive for its small size and there are three water flow settings to choose from. Unfortunately, it won’t work with boiling water, but a lukewarm shower is still welcome when there are no ablutions nearby.
Buy the the Natural Instinct High-Volume Camp Shower: R570, from Outdoor Warehouse.

5. Power up with the Lumeno Battery Buddy

Compact, nifty and easy to operate the Lumeno Battery Buddy works beautifully with all kinds of camping gear and devices that need 12-volt battery power like the shower and fridge featured above. It fits over a small 7ah or 9ah battery (which cost about R350) and can be charged up at home using electricity or via the cigarette lighter in your car. The extension cable reaches five meters and my only gripe is there’s no indicator to tell you it’s charging.
Buy the Lumeno Battery Buddy: R270, from Outdoor Warehouse.

6. Scrub it with a Scrubba Washbag

Travel light with the Scrubba Washbag – a portable, compact laundry bag with a flexible washboard built into it. Fill it with about three litres of water, add some soap, shampoo or washing liquid and put in the equivalent of around three large t-shirts then agitate for 40 seconds. When finished pour out the water, rinse and dry your clothes.
Buy the Scrubba Washbag: R799, from Outdoor Elements.

7. Sleep on an Inertia Klymit Xl

The Inertia Klymit Xl is not your average mattress. It’s a hi-tech sleeping mat that uses special mapping to support the heaviest points of your body when you lie down, but doesn’t sacrificing insulation or comfort. A small air pump is included and it takes a while to inflate, but it’s not difficult.

No bigger or heavier than a full sports water bottle (480-grams) it sounds too good to be true, but after sleeping on one for five days in the desert I confidently recommend this great piece of camping gear.
Buy the Inertia Klymit Xl: R1 299, from Cape Union Mart.

8. Stay charged with the RED-E Powerbank

Charge your phone or GoPro with the portable RED-E Powerbank. Available in three battery capacities, the Premium Edition 6 000mAh pack is best. The LED indicator lets you know how much charge is left and comes with four adaptors for different devices in a sleek package no bigger than your iPhone.
Buy the RED-E Powerbank: R699, from Action Gear.

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