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The Winners

The Winners

May 2013



The winners as chosen by the judges and readers' votes for the Nightjar Travel Adventurer 2013 are:

Overall Winner: Richard Kohler

The first continuous solo paddle around the coastline of South Africa, from border to border.

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Readers' Choice: Kai Fitchen

Cape Town to Kenya on foot and by public transport, to climb Mt. Kenya and create environmental awareness with school learners along the way.

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Thanks to all of you who voted your support for our South African adventurers.


With Matthew Holt as compere, and Riaan Manser to warm the crowd up, we were already expecting to be entertained, but there were two moments from the winners presentations which still have me chuckling. The first was when Kai Fitchen described their failed attempt to summit Spitzkop in Namibia. With a straight face, he talked about hours on their feet, carrying a grueling 40kgs on their backs, with the local fauna trying to eat them and even a stray rock nearly taking off his head. Finally, he recounted, it was time to accept that they were never going to find the start of the trail!

The second moment is a little harder to put into words, but here goes. As you may know, early on in his adventure, a shark smashed Richard Kohler’s surf ski. Before this happened, Richard said, sharks were far from his mind… but afterwards, he thought about them roughly once every second. Now, with this understandable trepidation in mind, I want you to picture the frantic paddling gestures that Richard reenacted when two dolphins popped up out of nowhere, right next to his surf ski three days after the shark incident!

Thank you to Cape Union Mart for hosting the awesome evening, and for all their involvement in terms of effort and sponsorship. The other prize sponsors really helped elevate the evening, so thanks to Adventure Inc. (importers of Buff, Sea to Summit and lots of awesome stuff) and to @GoPro. Finally, thanks to Leopards Leap for lubricating the party spirit.

If you didn’t make it this year, and have now realized that you missed out (because you did!), do sign up for our ticket giveaway to One&Only Cape Town’s guest speaker series – you can catch some of the same speakers in action. As for us, well next year can’t come soon enough.

- Nightjar Travel Team

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