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Art and wine pairing at KWV’s Sensorium

Art and wine pairing at KWV’s Sensorium

Mar 2013

Words and pics Sasha van Zyl

The KWV Sensorium in Paarl is essentially a gallery space where visitors can indulge in a wine and art pairing. The KWV art collection includes a vast range of impressive works from selected South African artists. These works have each been diligently paired to one of KWV’s wines – culminating in a unique winelands experience.

Is there anything better to accompany gallery browsing than wine? KWV have set up a tasting station in the middle of the Sensorium, which is where you start your ‘tour’ (there is no actual tour as viewing art cannot be rushed). The tasting consists of four wines that are each paired to an artwork. Each artwork is also marked with its accompanying wine and includes some descriptors that are suitable for both the wine and the art. The descriptors are great in that they give just enough inspiration for the individual to start conjuring up his/her own. This is something worth experiencing for both the wine and art lover.

Now that KWV has this new, exciting space they have taken up the opportunity and have introduced a new on-going project called Creative Partnerships. Essentially what this means is that KWV will link up with local designers, foodies, entrepreneurs, artists and music-makers throughout the year, with the aim of creating unique products inspired by KWV’s art collection and diverse portfolio of wines and brandies.

First in line on the programme is Ice Cream Community – a new artisanal ice cream creator based in Stellenbosch. It began with a brainstorming session to inspire ice cream maker Jacques to think of various flavour interpretations to suit the wines and artworks. From there he experimented with the different flavours by reducing, caramelising and freezing, ultimately creating four unique and interesting ice creams. The final product in the form of four ice cream & wine & art pairings will be revealed at the KWV Sensorium on 8 February at a beach party event. Yes, you heard right – KWV are creating a beach inside the Sensorium for this event. Entry will be a mere R20 for all four tastings.

This limited edition ice cream experience will continue at the KWV Sensorium until 9 March 2013. Entry to the Sensorium is free, the ice cream experience will be charged at approx. R60 pp. Visitors will also be able to purchase ice cream per scoop (pending availability).

The KWV Sensorium is located on 57 Main Road in Paarl (only recently open to the public). Only the Wine & Art pairings and the Creative Partnership tastings are available for tasting at this venue.

For more information contact Elsa or Lanese at [email protected].

Operating hours: Mon-Fri 9h00 – 16h30; Sat 09h00 – 14h00.


Source: Winemag