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Bertish SUPs Across the Atlantic

Bertish SUPs Across the Atlantic

Mar 2017

On March 9, 2017 Chris Bertish, internationally acclaimed speaker, Big Wave Surfer and Guinness SUP World Record Holder, completed the first, solo, unsupported Transatlantic SUP Crossing, presented by Carrick Wealth. Bertish set off on the greatest ocean adventure ever attempted from the coast of Morocco on December 6, 2016 and traversed 4,050nm/7,500km, paddling 1,944,000 strokes across the Atlantic Ocean for 93 days, to reach the finish in English Harbour, Antigua. 

Bertish, Nightjar Adventurer 2013 readers’ choice, stand up paddled to the English Harbour shores to receive a hero’s welcome and flotilla on the water to guide and encourage him to the finish line. Chris’ brothers, locals and project supporters from around the globe turned out to watch the dramatic arrival take place and cheer Chris on during the final strokes to the finish.

Chris Bertish arrives in Antiqua - Photo by Brian Overfelt.

As the nearly 20' specialized SUP craft, the ImpiFish, was shoved to shore for the first time in three months Chris commented, “If you truly believe in yourself and persevere, anything is possible, and here we are. After over three months solo on the open ocean, I am here, on land again with friends and family – my feelings of accomplishment and extreme gratitude for everyone that made this incredible journey possible are beyond words.”

The SUP Crossing presented by Carrick Wealth made history, set a new world record and will leave a lasting legacy helping generations to follow.  “Carrick Wealth is extremely proud to be associated with someone that shows such immense character, sheer determination and humility. Chris’ efforts over the last four months have been nothing short of miraculous and his selflessness to sacrifice everything to change the lives of millions of at-risk children across Africa, well that is something we should all strive to achieve,” commented Craig Featherby, CEO Carrick Wealth.

Chris Bertish becomes the first person to SUP across the Atlantic, unsupported - Photo by Brian Overfelt.

The SUP Crossing will continue raising funds for several charitable organizations including The Lunchbox Fund, Operation Smile and Signature of Hope. Bertish personally committed to funding one operation for a child in Africa through Operation Smile for every World Record he achieved on this epic Transatlantic journey. And he achieved many of them including a new world record for a 24-hour solo unsupported and unassisted open ocean distance SUP.

“We created a new a smile for every mile I crossed over the Atlantic,” commented Bertish. “This incredible journey is going to be able to truly change lives. Knowing the impact this will have made every day out on the open ocean worthwhile.”

Chris Bertish breaks another World Record - Photo by Brian Overvelt.

With Bertish’s long time experience as a keynote and inspirational speaker known internationally for inspiring audiences with his tales of courage, determination, and skill to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles in pursuit of his dreams,” Chris added, “Reaching your goals and breaking records is all about beating the odds and challenging your own limits until you achieve what you never imagined could be accomplished. Nothing is impossible.” 

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Chris Bertish celebrates in Antiqua - Photo by Brian Overfelt.

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Chris with brother Greg and Con Bertish - Photo Brian Overfelt.

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