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Bedrogfontein 4x4 Trail
17 Sep 2015

The Bedrogfontein Trail is a historic route between Darlington Dam and the Kabouga section of the Addo Elephant National Park. This route was once used by the Boer commandos and British soldiers during the Anglo-Boer War. Driving here will immerse you in breathtaking scenery and early 20th-century history. The rugged mountains will test your vehicle while increasing your respect for the early pioneers' perseverance as they crossed these mountains in ox wagons. The route travels through a variety of vegetation types: from riverine thicket, to afromontane forest, to fynbos on the peaks and into the arid Nama Karoo vegetation of the Darlington area...

(GPS coordinates: -33.376287, 25.460992)


Berakah 4x4 Trails
4 Sep 2015

The Berakah 4x4 trail is definitely one of the old favourites that should make it onto every 4x4 aficionado's top trails list. If you haven't been here yet you are missing out - and if you have, you know what we are talking about. Berakah is only a short (120km) drive from Gauteng, but it will feel a lifetime away once you're on the trail, which is made up of several sections, each with its own obstacles. The magnificent Vredefort Dome is a huge geological structure comprised of a central core of granite-gneiss…

(GPS coordinates: -26.823185, 27.367332)


Karoo Adventures 4x4 Trail
2 Sep 2015

Karoo Adventures lies only 20km off the N1 between De Doorns and Touwsrivier. It’s very easily accessible from Cape Town for those in search of adrenalin, clean air, beautiful sunsets and star-filled skies. The diverse selection of 4x4 trails at Karoo Adventures offers something for everyone. The grading ranges from a casual drive in the mountains to very challenging grade 5 sections. The trails cover a variety of terrains, and fauna and flora. There is enough to keep you busy for two full days...

(GPS coordinates: -33.531683, 19.859891)


Bonniedale 4x4 Trail
22 Aug 2015

Bonniedale’s 1 650ha of natural fynbos is beautifully set within the 50 000ha of the greater Attaquas Kloof Conservancy. This is in the spectacular Outeniqua Mountains. Bonniedale is renowned for its challenging 4x4 trails and the variety of fynbos plants, mammals and birds that one can observe here in their natural habitats. There are 35 kilometres of well-maintained 4x4 trails...

(GPS coordinates: -33.873444, 21.860046)


Richtersveld 4x4 Trails
21 Aug 2015

The Richtersveld Park is situated in the north-west corner of the Northern Cape where South Africa rubs shoulders with the arid mountain ranges of southern Namibia. Hunkering down within the muddy embrace of the mighty Gariep River, the Richtersveld offers wilderness enthusiasts an unparalleled off-road experience. The network of jeep tracks through the Richtersveld are sure to test your driving skills, offering a good mix of sand, rocky climbs, rutted tracks and ditches.  Just keep in mind how fragile the desert ecosystem is and stick to existing tracks at all times...

(GPS coordinates: -28.128458, 16.894054)


Alkmaar 4x4 Trail
16 Aug 2015

Alkmaar is a working citrus and macadamia nut farm set in the heart of the Lowveld in the Schagen Valley. It is on the Maputo Corridor, only 10 minutes from Nelspruit. This is an ideal weekend destination or stopover as it is en route to Mozambique and close to the Kruger National Park. The 7km route is a beautiful scenic trail that offers a variety of challenges and spectacular Lowveld scenery. Those looking to test their vehicles and their off-road skills should head for the obstacle course at the bush camp...

(GPS coordinates: -25.449916, 30.826537)


Karoo Nuweveld 4x4 Trail
8 Aug 2015

The Karoo National Park attempts to capture an infinite piece of the vast and unforgiving landscape of the Great Karoo. The lofty Nuweveld Mountains dominate the rolling plains of the park. You will be fascinated by the diversity of life adapted to survive in these harsh conditions. The Karoo National Park is home to gemsbok, springbok, red hartebeest, black wildebeest and eland. The two zebra species, kudu and klipspringers are regularly seen on the Klipspringer Pass. The top sighting is undoubtedly the lions relocated here at the end of 2010. And of course the 4x4 trails are your chance to explore remote sections of the nearly 90 000ha Park...

(GPS coordinates: -32.330681, 22.500032)


Moolmanshoek 4x4 Trail
20 Jul 2015

If you consider yourself a 4x4 aficionado and have not yet been to Moolmanshoek, then you should get packing. This private nature reserve guarded by the dramatic sandstone formations of the Witteberg Mountains is set in a beautiful horseshoe valley. The four trails at Moolmanshoek will allow you to experience sandstone splendour at its best. A minimum of three vehicles and a maximum of 15 are allowed on the trails at once...

(GPS coordinates: -28.631951, 27.999811)


Kouga Wilderness Sukkelpoort 4x4 Trail
8 Jul 2015

In the Kouga region your journey is part of the destination. Time seems to run more slowly here in the Goa!ab region as you marvel at mountains meeting the sea and rivers cutting out deep gorges. The Sukkelpoort trail runs along a narrow rocky kloof for about 5km before it joins another trail that goes on to the abseil cliff. The narrow kloof can get a bit tricky and you will need some guiding as you really have to place your wheels on rocks to prevent your undercarriage from being scraped…

(GPS coordinates: -33.715657, 23.842725)


Doornrivier 4x4 Trail
17 Jun 2015

Next time you are on your way to Botswana or the Madikwe Game Reserve, plan an extra day or two and stop over at Doornrivier 4x4 Adventures, just outside Zeerust. Zeerust lies in the Marico Valley only 240km from Gauteng. This is also a perfect weekend destination that doubles as an adventure playground. There are four 4x4 trails and a network of farm roads that are suitable for all drivers, from novices to seasoned old hands...

(GPS coordinates: -25.481949, 26.125349)


Tierkloof 4x4 Trail
16 Jun 2015

Rawsonville is located only 90km east of Cape Town on the eastern flanks of the Du Toitskloof Mountains. The other really cool thing about this 4x4 route is that it is slap bang in the middle of the Breedekloof Wine Route ( So besides the great 4x4’ing among majestic mountains, you can make a weekend out of it and enjoy quality wines, fine dining, hot springs, fynbos hikes and mountain bike trails. On the Tierkloof 4x4 trail, the action begins just about immediately with a steep rocky climb to high above the lapa...

(GPS coordinates: -33.705813, 19.394774)


Doringkloof 4x4 Trails
24 May 2015

The Baviaanskloof is a narrow valley, just less than 200 kilometres in length. It is bounded by two mountain ranges: the Baviaanskloof Mountains on the north and the Kouga Mountains on the south side. Doringkloof, in the heart of the Baviaanskloof, offers five interesting 4x4 routes in this spectacular environment. The longest trail, also known as the Rus en Vrede Trail, is about 78km long. Of the other four trails on Doringkloof three are out and back trails…

(GPS coordinates: -33.572361, 24.087948)


Camdeboo Koedoeskloof 4x4 Trail
21 May 2015

The Camdeboo National Park‘s premier attraction is the Valley of Desolation, a 100-million-year-old geological formation, proclaimed a National Monument. The greater portion of the park is situated between 740 and 1 480 metres above sea level in the foothills of the Sneeuberg range. The Koedoeskloof Trail offers unique and spectacular views of the Nqweba Dam and the plains of Camdeboo. There is also an unusual back-angle view of the Valley of Desolation. The track heads up to the top of the mountain plateau in the Winterhoek area of the park before returning, following the same route…

(GPS coordinates: -32.219813, 24.505504)


Luphisi 4x4 Route
16 May 2015

The Luphisi 4x4 trail starts at the Luphisi Tented Camp next to the Mthethomusha Nature Reserve. This reserve embraces 8 000ha of unspoiled nature on the south-western border of the Kruger National Park. It is home to Africa's Big 5 and an exceptional array of birds. Winding its way through the rural area and rugged terrain, the trail offers an invigorating mix of scenery and local cultural activities. One of the highlights on the route is a thrilling climb up a huge granite boulder to an ideal picnic spot right at the top of it…

(GPS coordinates: -25.419875, 31.262026)


Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary
3 May 2015

Jukani is home to a number of rescued predators and other wildlife where the focus is on conservation and education, specifically on the plight of predators both in captivity and in the wild. At Jukani you can see most of the larger cats such as lion, Bengal and Siberian tiger, jaguar, leopard, cheetah, puma, caracal and serval together with rarer species such as white lions and tigers and black leopard. The sanctuary is also home to other predators such as African wild dog, hyena, jackal, honey badger and zorilla together with other wildlife such as zebra, springbuck, raccoons and a variety of species of snake...

(GPS coordinates: -33.977905, 23.436186)


Off-Camber 4x4 Trail
3 May 2015

Off-Camber Adventures 4x4 boasts some spectacular off-road 4x4 trails on one of the oldest farms in the area. It’s situated close to Port Elizabeth, in the heart of the scenic Elandsriver Valley. The trail actually consists of four sections, of which the first three are actually more short obstacle courses designed to test you and your vehicle. You can expect a range of challenges, from pole crossings to cross-camber sections. The fourth and more scenic section of trail winds along the kloof and river, over koppiesand through mountains, following in the tracks of old ox-wagon trails...

(GPS coordinates: -33.824061, 25.232232)



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