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Durban Art Gallery
20 Aug 2015

The Durban Art Gallery has been in existence for over 200 years. Housed in the beautiful, neo-baroque Durban City Hall – an artwork in itself – the gallery is home to a number of local and international treasures. With over 3 500 exhibits in stock, it offers a unique experience on each visit. Older pieces are always combined with contemporary exhibitions to create the perfect balance of old and new...

(GPS coordinates: -29.858631, 31.025637)


Circa On Jellicoe
5 Aug 2015

At the corner of Jan Smuts and Jellico streets in Rosebank, is an avant-garde structure, Circa on Jellico, a new contemporary multimedia art gallery. Located on a busy urban intersection, Circa, conceived as an independent, functional free-standing sculpture in its own right, has quickly become a Johannesburg landmark that challenges our perceptions of ‘art’ and ‘art galleries’. In keeping with its futuristic exterior, Circa is eco-friendly too. Electricity is produced on-site using solar panels, and harvested rain water is used for all the gallery’s utilitarian functions...

(GPS coordinates: -26.143546, 28.036184)


Essenwood Craft Market
27 Jul 2015

The Essenwood Craft Market, on the Berea in Durban, has become something of an institution among locals as the go-to venue for almost any sort of bric a brac. Open every Saturday from 9am to 2pm, there is something for everyone. This makes it an ideal place for the whole family to while away some hours over the weekend and pick up some bargains...

(GPS coordinates: -29.842886, 30.999816)


Oude Molen Eco Village
21 Jul 2015

Oude Molen Eco Village is a sustainable development project that has transformed once abandoned buildings and grounds belonging to the Valkenberg mental hospital. It’s become a community that encourages an environment of respect and consideration for people, nature and diversity. The 70 tenants in the village include artists, woodworkers, music studios, photographers, trainers and a frail-care centre. They collectively provide employment for about 300 people who share the vision of this community...

(GPS coordinates: -33.939112, 18.489988)


Arts on Main
27 Jun 2015

Arts on Main, in the Maboneng Precinct, was a disused 1900s industrial warehouse that’s been revamped into a creative hub for artists, poets, dancers and filmmakers. The aim is to lure suburban art lovers back into the city. Arts on Main’s original industrial structures remain intact and provide an interesting contrast to the modern mix of art galleries, shops, a rustic restaurant and artists’ studios. All of them centre on a courtyard of lemon and olive trees...

(GPS coordinates: -26.20465, 28.057508)


Dargle Valley Pottery
22 Jun 2015

Dargle Valley Pottery is the gallery of Ian Glenny – a potter held in high acclaim internationally for his unique and high-quality artworks. This pottery offers the largest collection of pottery on the Midland Meander. All of the pieces are locally produced - the clay is found and the stock produced on local farms. Items range from the purely aesthetic to the functional...

(GPS coordinates: -29.49868, 30.012618)


The Owl House
14 Jun 2015

The Owl House is somewhat of a curiosity. Over the years it has captured the imagination of thousands of visitors who make the journey to the tiny town of Nieu-Bethesda specifically to observe the artwork. From the outside, the Owl House is unassuming as it looks out onto the mostly dry Gats River, but it is inside that the magic happens...

(GPS coordinates: -31.868164, 24.554138)


Ezamaxhosa Craft Market
1 Jun 2015

Fleamarkets are great places to browse and buy something uniquely South African. Ezamaxhosa, which means “belonging to the Xhosa people” in the local tongue, offers handcrafted products - from rural beads and ceramic products to sophisticated mohair garments. All the products at Ezamaxhosa in Port Elizabeth are proudly produced in the Eastern Cape…

(GPS coordinates: -33.982104, 25.658526)


Hillfold Pottery
27 May 2015

Hillfold Pottery in Lidgetton, along the beautiful Midlands Meander, is home to renowned ceramicist and potter Lindsay Scott. One of the founder-members of the Midlands Meander Association around 30 years ago, Scott founded Hillfold Pottery to epitomise the quality ethos of the association. Accordingly, he runs a top class-facility, offering distinctive aesthetic and functional wares. A winner at the South African National Exhibition, and with works on show in a number of South African galleries, he has become well-renowned. Purchasing a piece from Hillfold Pottery is both a worthy acquisition and an investment...

(GPS coordinates: -29.443589, 30.06976)


KZNSA Art Gallery
11 May 2015

The KwaZulu-Natal Society of the Arts Gallery is situated in the leafy suburb of Glenwood in Durban. The gallery was established 108 years ago as a small exhibition venue for local artists. Over the years, the ethos has changed considerably, as has the reach of this institution: it has become the province’s principal artistic and creative venue. Host to any number of exhibitions and events at any given time, there is always something fresh on the go...

(GPS coordinates: -29.859999, 30.997036)


Old Nick Village
22 Apr 2015

When all the water and beach-based activities pale, head to Old Nick Village, a famous Plettenberg Bay landmark just past the bottom (east) entrance to the town. The building in which the Old Nick Shop is situated today was a farm trading store built in 1880, which closed only in the 1960s when the local population moved away to a newly built area...

(GPS coordinates: -34.034759, 23.373408)


Michaelis Gallery
31 Mar 2015

This gallery on the University of Cape Town's Hiddingh Campus is part of the Michaelis School of Fine Arts. It is situated adjacent to the Cape Town Company Gardens, which means students of the school, which opened in 1925, have access to many cultural institutions and heritage resources in Cape Town's city bowl. Internationally, the school is recognised as one of South Africa's leading institutions for the study of fine art and new media. It is one of the only galleries in South Africa that is dedicated to video art...

(GPS coordinates: -33.929993, 18.4136)


Blueberry Hill
22 Feb 2015

Blueberry Hill in Nottingham Road is an unexpected gem along the Midlands Meander. It is a gallery for local artists and artisans, as well as a celebrated café, housed in large, barn-like structures that give the venue an understated appearance. Inside, there are large, open-plan areas filled with a rich tapestry of wares, ranging from furniture and household goods, to local artists' paintings and sculptures. The venue offers some of the most superior views in the Midlands, from where you can see the whole of the Drakensberg on a clear day...

(GPS coordinates: -29.335, 30.0352)


Johannesburg Art Gallery
16 Feb 2015

The Johannesburg Art Gallery, or JAG as it’s affectionately known, is over 100 years old, and houses one of the finest art collections in southern Africa. Situated in Joubert Park, a busy area on the outskirts of Hillbrow, JAG comprises 15 exhibition halls and sculpture gardens. Its vast collections, of which only 10% are on display, include antiques, artefacts, paintings, prints and sculptures by famous international artists such as Rodin, Picasso, Dali and Monet. JAG’s comprehensive South African collection features works by Gerard Sekoto, Ezrom Legae, Irma Stern and the acclaimed multimedia artist, William Kentridge….

(GPS coordinates: -26.196994, 28.046964)


National Film, Video and Sound Archives
20 Jan 2015

National Film, Video and Sound Archives

The National Film Video and Sound Archives (NAFVSA) - formerly the South African Film Institute (SAFI) - is a government archive and resource centre in Pretoria preserving film, video and sound for the audio-visual heritage of South Africa. NAFVSA has a library (plus photographs) dealing with audio-visual material, as well as information on literature, music, sculpting, painting and theatre. There is a reading room, where researchers can access audio-visual material, use various search aids and access a computerised database. To view or listen to material, an appointment must be made - usually three days in advance. A fee is charged to access material, and the written permission of the copyright holder is required before any material may be borrowed for duplication. Bona fide students can view or listen to material free of charge...

(GPS coordinates: -25.74482, 28.190135)


Tatham Art Gallery
16 Jan 2015

Tatham Art Gallery

The Tatham Art Gallery is a Pietermaritzburg landmark with a fine reputation for its treasures. One of the top art galleries in the country, this is a must-see tourist destination for those visiting the city. It contains works by the likes of Picasso, Renoir, Matisse, Degas and Hockney. The gallery has endeavoured to complete many of its collections, including 19th- and 20th-century French and British works. In service to the local community, the gallery has also accumulated some of the most notable local art...

(GPS coordinates: -29.602305, 30.379515)



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