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The Willow Stream
7 Nov 2015

Balloch is in the Wartrail district of the Eastern Cape Highlands, a region that lies roughly at the apex of an imaginary triangle where Barkly East and Lady Grey are at the either end of its base. The stream running through Balloch is the Vlooikraalspruit, more commonly known as the Willow Stream. It is divided it into two distinct beats by an impassable waterfall. There’s the tiny, mountain-top section above the falls that only has brown trout in it, while below the waterfall the river mainly holds rainbow trout...

(GPS coordinates: -30.719134, 27.697812)


5 Nov 2015

Although the Riflespruit has its source on the escarpment, it has a very different character to its two neighbours, the Bell and the Bokspruit. It is drier and the vegetation is different. This stream feels the rage of floods more so than others and changes ever so slightly every time it sees a large run-off of precipitation. The Rifle flows off a plateau and into a gorge. The gorge section is well vegetated with shrubbery and ouhout. After passing through Mt. Mourne, the gradient tapers off and the stream flattens out to be generally quite shallow as it flows through a pastoral setting with the occasional tree lining the banks...

(GPS coordinates: -30.859799, 28.01489)


Fly Fishing Sterkfontein
2 Nov 2015

Sterkfontein embodies four main elements that make the fishing really exciting: dry fly surface action, sight fishing, terrestrials and our local pride, the yellowfish! The best way to explore this large body of water is with local guide Dennis De Klerk, a legend in his own right. The most daunting aspect about fishing for Sterkies yellows is learning not to strike on a pickup. The key is to stay calm, to wait for your line to move with the fish...

(GPS coordinates: -28.490902, 29.048229)


The Elandspad River
30 Oct 2015

Some of the finest trout rivers in the Cape are merely an hour’s drive from the city centre. The Elandspad in Du Toit’s Kloof is one of those mind-blowing rivers that will see you returning for more, again and again. Populated only by rainbow trout, the extent of the water inhabited is phenomenal. The average size of fish ranges between 10 and 12 inches, depending on the beat, but fish longer than 20 inches have been taken as high as Beat Four. Less pressured trout in the higher reaches are understandably more gullible than those in the lower kloof area, where the rainbows are renowned for being very picky at times...

(GPS coordinates: -33.733027, 19.121021)


Bokspruit, Pastoral Beats
26 Oct 2015

The Bokspruit rises at an altitude of 2 800 metres on the Drakensberg escarpment. As it drops down from the escarpment the gradient lessens, the river gains in volume and depth, becomes slower flowing and is not quite as exquisitely clear as the upper and source water. Deep pools alternate with long inviting glides and runs and in many sections there is typical riffle water, ideal for nymphing. Although there are many small trout in the Bokspruit – some years enough of them to be a complete nuisance – this is quintessential big trout water with rainbows of 20 to 22 inches not uncommon...

(GPS coordinates: -30.935015, 27.97234)


Redcliffe Stream
22 Oct 2015

Redcliffe Stream lies just one valley over from the Little Pot River. It is easily accessibly in a vehicle with high clearance, or about a 30 minute walk from the Woodcliffe farmhouse. Unlike the Little Pot, this stream is quite short. You can almost see the waterfall at its source as you turn up the valley. Redcliffe Stream is tiny and really only meant for small stream aficionados. The one big draw-card of this stream is its setting. The valley is compact and ends in one of the more spectacular waterfalls in the area. The pool that it plunges into is one of the favourite swimming holes of the locals...

(GPS coordinates: -31.011022, 28.163441)


Karnemelk Spruit at Lammergeier
20 Oct 2015

For many years Dick and Margy Isted have won conservation awards for their farm Lammergeier Reserve, a point that may well have a bearing on the high quality of the water in the Karnemelk Stream and its main tributary on the farm, the charming Unity stream. There is 17km of river on the farm and two attractive tributaries, of which the Unity Stream, 8km upstream of the main farmhouse, is a rare gem and a must visit place. The streams run in rugged sandstone landscapes that are typical of the natural splendour of this unique part of the world. This is a beautiful freestone stream with the reputation of being one of the very best trout streams in South Africa...

(GPS coordinates: -30.756544, 27.329023)


Ngwangwane River Fly Fishing
13 Oct 2015

The Ngwangwane lies to the west of the village of Underberg and is the last of the western KwaZulu-Natal rivers that hold a head of trout. It was once known as a river that held “trout the size of salmon”, with specimens of 2kg and more being caught more often than any of the other large rivers in the region. Sadly, this is no longer the case and, today the trout population in the lower reaches of the river is almost non-existent. It is therefore recommended that anyone wanting to fish the Ngwangwane should concentrate on the upper reaches, where light tackle, small imitative nymphs and dry-fly patterns combined with stealthy, careful presentations will be needed...

(GPS coordinates: -29.844394, 29.210522)


The Holsloot River
10 Oct 2015

The Holsloot is a tailwater fishery flowing from the Stettynskloof Dam through a deep and arid gorge situated above Rawsonville. Although not as popular as the Smalblaar or Elandspad Rivers, the Holsloot produces good numbers of rainbow trout and sometimes fish close to or even bigger than 20 inches (which is considered trophy-sized in the Western Cape). It is fairly stable and flows cool throughout summer due to water released from the dam. It is the river to fish in mid-summer and later in the season (January to May), when the other rivers start running warm and low...

(GPS coordinates: -33.747834, 19.335592)


Injesuthi River Fly Fishing
7 Oct 2015

Tucked away in the shadow of the Drakensberg escarpment below the Injesuthi Triplets, the stream of the same name rises high in the mountains, tumbling and cascading at first over boulders and through rocky pockets and glides, a silver thread at the bottom of gorges and under the canopy of indigenous forests, before passing the Injesuthi Camp. As “Solitude”, the original name of the farm, suggests, here the fly-fisher can be alone, enjoying the peace and quiet and all that nature has to offer...

(GPS coordinates: -29.118209,29.440125)


Kimberley Fly Fishing
3 Oct 2015

Centrally situated in South Africa, Kimberley is famous for its rich diamond history and diverse tourism attractions. Couple this with its rivers, which are widely known as premier fly-fishing destinations for Yellowfish, and you have the perfect setting to attract any discerning fly-fisherman. The renowned Vaal and Riet rivers hold vast populations of Yellowfish. The Vaal River is South Africa's second largest river system and provides awesome fly-fishing. The smaller and fairly unknown Riet River is the last tributary that joins the Vaal River and with its stable water levels and low turbidity this gem of a river is in a class of its own...

(GPS coordinates: -28.596, 24.4504)


Karnemelk Spruit at Lupela
30 Sep 2015

Situated 5.4 kms from the turnoff on the R58 highway between Lady Grey to Barkly East, Lupela Lodge is a comfortable place to fish on a river that is rated as one of the best fly streams in South Africa. The lodge is run by Alf and Denise Ross and is on a working farm. They have the main lodge, a well appointed, comfortable house that easily sleeps a big party and alongside it, a smaller accommodation created from an artistically converted silo. There are many kilometres of interesting fishing upstream and downstream of the lodge in water that’s attractive, varied and easy to access...

(GPS coordinates: -30.798758, 27.278263)


Lotheni River Fly Fishing
28 Sep 2015

The Lotheni River rises below the towering escarpment of the southern region of the Drakensberg mountain range, almost midway between the towns of Nottingham Road and Underberg. The trout population, which was first introduced into this stream about 120 years ago, is perhaps not as great as some of those found in the streams in the central regions. Nevertheless, they will provide the visiting fly-fisher with challenging and rewarding light-line fishing using small flies that imitate the aquatic and terrestrial insects found in these waters…

(GPS coordinates: -29.478861, 29.55293)


Umlambonja River Fly Fishing
25 Sep 2015

The Umlambonja River rises and starts its journey deep in the folds of the earth below the Umlambonja Buttress in the Drakensberg mountains. It is situated in the central Drakensberg region in one of the most beautiful, rugged places. The higher reaches above the trout hatchery are not generally recognised as productive water. Here, the stream is tiny by any standards and severely affected by dry weather. The better stretch to fish for rainbow and brown trout, as well as Natal scaly, is from the Cathedral Peak Hotel property down to about a kilometre or so below the confluence with the Umhlwazini stream…

(GPS coordinates: -28.938923, 29.234388)


The Jan du Toit's River
22 Sep 2015

Arguably one of the most beautiful rivers ever to have been stocked with rainbow trout in South Africa, the Jan du Toit’s is popular with many who are fit enough to hike its boulder-strewn gorge. It is not divided into beats and should preferably be fished over a few days on a hiking outing. Situated in the Waaihoek area of the greater Hex River Mountains, it is exposed to large temperature fluctuations and strong winds and clothing should be selected carefully before embarking on a trip. Due to the fragile nature of the reserve, CapeNature and the CPS offer limited two week slots for the season on a raffle basis to CPS members only...

(GPS coordinates: -33.561175, 19.336753)

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Umkhomazi River Fly Fishing
19 Sep 2015

The Umkhomazi River lies in the valley to the west of Lotheni and about 30 kilometres from Underberg in the southern Drakensberg area. It is an underrated stream as far as fly-fishing is concerned and is infrequently fished. The trout population is considerably smaller than other similar waters and the fishing requires a more technical approach. For these reasons, it is not recommended for beginners…

(GPS coordinates: -29.527519, 29.452377)



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