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Jonkershoek MTB Trail
26 May 2015

To understand Jonkershoek you really have to appreciate that it is a commercial forest and that it is regularly harvested. This means trails are always changing, disappearing, being rebuilt, morphing into different routes and generally keeping you on your toes. It never hurts to hook up with one of the locals to discover Jonkershoek’s secrets. Beware who you ask, because on any given day you will be sharing these trails with the world champions and professionals who train here. Jonkershoek is based around a 10-kilometre gravel road loop that runs in an anti-clockwise direction...

(GPS coordinates: -33.968527, 18.934314)


Deelfontein MTB Trail
12 May 2015

Deelfontein lies in the heart of the Vredefort Dome. The farm lies on the southern side of the Vaal River, nestled between two of the concentric ridges typical of the dome area. The mountain-bike routes include dirt road, farm tracks and at least 19 kilometres of single-track sections on which you can explore the mountain tops. Configured as a network of single-track loops branching off a jeep track backbone, the trails offer many options of distance and grading...

(GPS coordinates: -26.939582, 27.271261)


Swartberg Pass MTB Trail
8 May 2015

Ride from Prince Albert’s Main Street until you see the sign to the Swartberg Pass on your right. From here, it is gravel all the way as you sweat it out along 18 kilometres of relentless climbing. Drop down for a few hundred metres until you see the sign to Gamkaskloof (Die Hel) on your right, but only head in here if you are feeling brave. This challenging 50-kilometre slog up dirt passes and down hair-raising switchbacks will eventually take you into Die Hel. Brutal road conditions, extreme weather and an accumulated climb of about 3,6 kilometres for the return journey make this a ride you shouldn’t attempt lightly...

(GPS coordinates: -33.225271, 22.030238)


Fouriesburg Town Dam MTB Route
7 May 2015

Against the majestic backdrop of the soaring Maluti Mountains, with the Lesotho border only 10 kilometres away at Calendonspoort, this is a place custom-made for cycling and a fascinating 15-kilometre “out and back” ride along tarred road, dirt road and jeep track awaits. Puncture-proof your tyres before setting out...

(GPS coordinates: -28.622204, 28.206225)


Namaqualand MTB Trail
5 May 2015

Kamieskroon, situated about half an hour to the south of Springbok, arguably rates as one of South Africa’s best-kept mountain-biking secrets. Four routes traverse the Kamiesberg area to the east of the tiny town, and the riding here will delight novices and experts alike…

(GPS coordinates: -30.314487, 18.08267)


Compassberg MTB Trail
29 Apr 2015

The Compassberg route passes through the Sneeuberg range before meandering along good gravel roads, ascending more than 1 000 metres and covering about 100 kilometres. The going is tough at times, but very rewarding. Because it runs along good gravel roads most of the way, it is easy to bail out - provided you have a back-up vehicle.  Better still, take the little ones along for a stint. The route starts off from the Nieu-Bethesda village square, immediately cranking into a moderate ascent towards the farms of Doornberg and The Valley...

(GPS coordinates: -31.867171, 24.552555)


Homtini MTB Trail
25 Apr 2015

Homtini does not quite boast the full range of mountain-biking experiences that the Harkerville trails do, but it nonetheless offers an awesome 19-kilometre circular ride through the tranquil Homtini Forest. The trail traverses the steep mountain slopes overlooking the town of Knysna, so you can be certain of panoramic views of both the forested slopes and dramatic river gorge...

(GPS coordinates: -33.91677, 22.958443)


Boschberg MTB Trail
23 Apr 2015

The historic little town of Somerset East is situated along the local Blue Crane Tourism Route, traversing the edge of the arid Karoo region. To get to the Boschberg Trail, head along Nojoli (Main) Street towards Graaff-Reinet until you’re just about out of town. Look for a sign pointing right to the golf course along Bell Street and then take the second road (gravel) left towards the nature reserve. A new eco-estate on your right (just before you reach the golf course) is to be developed as the trail head, and permits and maps should be available here....

(GPS coordinates: -32.713644, 25.563555)


Berakah MTB Trails
20 Apr 2015

The extremely rugged Berakah mountain-bike trail is one of several in the Dome Bergland, all of which are worth trying if you are the adventurous type. Distances and duration vary depending on your choice of route. Berakah Adventures is situated near the main Potchefstroom tarred road but is deep in mountain kloofs. The Berakah trail has been used for mountain-bike races but is generally fine for intermediate riders. Berakah Adventures is also famous for its 4x4 and quad-bike routes... 

(GPS coordinates: -26.823257, 27.367297)


Bokpoort MTB Trail
13 Apr 2015

The core activity of Bokpoort is horse-riding, but mountain-biking is encouraged on four "loops". The technical 12-kilometre trail forms the steepest and most difficult part of the annual Clarens MTB Classic. By alternately pedalling and pushing your bicycle, it is possible to access the rock pool and waterfall on the property, or take some time out to watch resident herds of springbok, black wildebeest, blesbok and mountain reedbuck….

(GPS coordinates: -28.555199, 28.475972)


Baakens River MTB Trail
6 Apr 2015

The Baakens Valley is a long and narrow green space running through the heart of the Port Elizabeth metropolitan area. It stretches in a general east-west direction from just above the harbour to the western outskirts of Port Elizabeth, on the Cape Town side of the city. Local mountain-bike riders rate the contour paths and jeep tracks as one of the best urban rides in South Africa...

(GPS coordinates: -33.973127, 25.555058)


Buffalo Gorge MTB Trail
1 Apr 2015

Buffalo Gorge MTB Trail is situated 32km from Middelburg in Mpumalanga. The 18km circuit plus a network of farm and district gravel roads consists of marked 4x4 routes, farm tracks and jeep tracks, with the trailhead at Buffalo Gorge Base Camp... 

(GPS coordinates: -25.561123, 29.55775)


Norm-Hudlin MTB Trail
30 Mar 2015

The newly developed Norm Hudlin Mountain-Bike Trails are situated close to Port Elizabeth in the Kragga Kamma area. These purpose-built routes hug the coastal slopes, zigzagging through established primary sand-forest vegetation, with a variety of gravel roads in the immediate area also open for mountain biking exploration. With about six kilometres of single track, the 20-kilometre Norm Hudlin route is suitable for all ages and skill levels...

(GPS coordinates: -33.970609, 25.457489)


Longmore Forest MTB Trail
25 Mar 2015

Longmore Forest is a stretch of land of about 20 000 hectares between Hankey and Rocklands and actually consists of four different forest areas: Van Stadens, Longmore, Loerie and Otterford. Longmore Forest (part of the old Safcol set-up, but now managed by 'Mountains to Oceans') will provide you with hours of deep-forest riding. A seemingly endless network of gravel roads (840 kilometres according to the plantation manager) will keep you busy, with more than enough jeep-track links to keep it adventurous...

(GPS coordinates: -33.893983, 25.117922)


Virginia Farm MTB Trails
23 Mar 2015

The 60 kilometres of farm trails, with about eight kilometres of single track, incorporates all that a mountain-biker can dream of: a magnificent setting surrounded by beautiful scenery traversed by undulating and flowing trails. The trails are fast and free flowing, with a few technical sections along the way. You will ride over all types of surfaces but, in general, it will be smooth. The hills are user friendly and enjoyable for the average rider. There are a number of route options and shortcuts, which allows you to choose your distance and route...

(GPS coordinates: -29.991028, 30.609729)


Wakkerstroom MTB Trails
22 Mar 2015

There are only two tarred streets in the village of Wakkerstroom; all the other roads around the town are dirt tracks, which makes for pleasant hours of gentle cruising. Choose the Wakkerstroom Wetland Ride, a 12-kilometre circuit if you are not so fit or are pushed for time. Opt for the Zaaihoek Dam/Groenvlei Road, a 57-kilometre loop, if you are prepared to spend a full day exploring the area. There are lots of other roads for mountain-bikers riders in the area; all on secondary and challenging dirt roads...

(GPS coordinates: -27.355926, 30.141635)



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