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Rocklands bouldering
1 Oct 2012

Rocklands, in the Cederberg, is renowned for its spectacular rock formations and naturally-sculpted boulders. It has also become a world-renowned venue for the sport of bouldering: a low-level, highly-gymnastic form of climbing and every year the top practitioners will spend months here, searching and solving new boulder ‘problems’. But, you don’t have to be able to dyno a gaston or stick a crimper to appreciate this unique place, with its burnished rocks, brilliant sunsets and big blue African skies. Especially now, with the west coast flowers in bloom.

- Matthew Holt

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Nightjar Travelled
1 Oct 2012

With rain forecast for the Cape last weekend we decided that a culinary tour of the pretty winelands town of Franschhoek might be just the thing to chase away the blues. Contrary to popular belief that all accommodation in the valley is pricey we found good value at Delicious, and, best of all staying at Le Quartier Français’ little sister meant we breakfasted in the Common Room - quite the most lavish spread of fresh fruits, patisseries and hot treats that I have ever enjoyed. Two hours later we rolled out for a few wine tastings before returning to the cozy Common Room to sample celebratory chef Margot Janse’s small plate skills. Winter ain’t so bad after all!

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