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Inanda Dam and Weenen Game Reserve: two small KZN parks well worth visiting

Inanda Dam and Weenen Game Reserve: two small KZN parks well worth visiting

Mar 2015

Words & pics Teagan Cunniffe

Grand names dominate the KwaZulu-Natal nature scene. Hluhluwe, iSimangaliso, Ithala, Phinda – these parks take priority on most bush-lovers’ lists. And for good reason: when it comes to big game in the garden province, they’re unmatched. But that doesn’t mean they’re all that’s out there.

With the morning sun rising over Durban’s golden shores, Justin Fox hit the N3 heading inland in search of the smaller, two-wheel-drive-friendly nature escapes that slip through most itineraries.

Sound familiar? That’s the opening text for Justin Fox’s KwaZulu-Natal’s Smaller Parks feature in the December 2014 issue of Getaway Magazine.

I followed his dust trail to Inanda Dam, a place I have visited many a time with friends and family, and Weenen Game Reserve (where?!). It was at the latter that I discovered first-hand the difficulty of single-handedly setting up a tent in gale force wind. Turned out I wasn’t so successful – after the tent ripped I ended up sleeping in the car.

Here are a few of my images from the two days I spent on the road.

Amongst the bird life, the most common sighting you’ll have at Inanda are the zebra. As with all wildlife photography (and wildlife interactions in general!), let them do their thing around you and don’t go too close.

The green banks at Inanda Dam make for great picnic and camping areas, just on the shores of this beautiful expanse of water.

At first I didn’t see this giraffe, silhouetted by the sunset at Weenen Game Reserve. When I did I did a sudden, skidding stop and reversed back up the hill until I was in the right place. Go Getz go!



I saw so much at Weenen Game reserve, eland, red hartebeest, kudu and more in one evening. This was such a worthwhile game reserve to visit!

Read Just Fox’s full feature on KZN’s smallest parks in the December 2014 issue of Getaway Magazine.

Source: Getaway Blog

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