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Kleinood’s De Boerin Extra Virgin Olive Oil hits new heights

Kleinood’s De Boerin Extra Virgin Olive Oil hits new heights

Jan 2016

First wine, then olive oil – Kleinood’s De Boerin Extra Virgin Olive Oil rockets to success as one of the Top 5 Olive Oils in South Africa 2015.

Shortly after the release of the 2015 De Boerin Extra Virgin Olive Oil in October, this vintage won the ABSA Top 5 SA Olive Oil Award, the topmost achievement in the olive oil industry in South Africa. This achievement follows on a gold medal for the fifth year running at the SA Olive Awards Association.

Kleinood is primarily a wine farm, which has received numerous accolades for its flagship Tamboerskloof Syrah wine. It also started the high quality olive oil venture alongside the wines in 2001, when only 2 hectares of olive groves were established on the Kleinood property in Stellenbosch. The cultivars planted are Favolosa, Leccino, Delicata and Coratina and every step in the process is done by hand to produce a total of only around 3000 bottles of olive oil per year.

The quality of extra virgin olive oil is measured in its acidity content (free fatty acids). In South African the standard for Extra Virgin Olive oil is consiberably high compared to Europe and other olive growing areas. For an oil to be Extra Virgin, the acidity needs to be below 0,8 g/l acidity. The 2015 De Boerin Extra Virgin Olive Oil acidity level is as low as 2,2 g/l, indicating its superior quality. 

The name of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, de Boerin was derived from the nickname for Annetjie Boom, the wife of Jan van Riebeeck’s gardener Hendrik Boom. She was the first innkeeper and restaurateur in the Cape Colony in 1665 and was fondly called Annetjie de Boerin by the Dutch burghers. 

Vincent van Gogh created the image that has now become the “de Boerin” of Kleinood. This work, done in chalk on paper in 1885 in Neuen in the Netherlands, now hangs in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Although she is one of many female farmers (de boerin) depicted by Van Gogh, the de Villiers fell in love with the volume of her skirts, her peaceful interaction with the surrounding landscape and the generosity of her overtly feminine body. The de Boerin extra virgin olive oil is sensorically similarly full bodied, yet elegant. 

It is the four Tuscan varieties that have been carefully selected to make up the parts of this blended oil. Favolosa (also known as FS17), otherwise known as Dwarf Frantoio, is a prolific variety and makes up the greatest part of the blend with 57%. It is fruity and aromatic, especially compared to the spicy and very robust cultivar Coratina, which constitutes as much as 17% of the blend. Leccino is a delicate and fruity component, with a hint of sweetness and makes up 21% of the blend. Delicata, as the name dictates, is a great blending component to harmonise with the rest of the cultivars and makes up only 5% of the oil. 

Kleinood’s De Boerin Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of South Africa’s top quality olive oils, that is made as naturally and honestly as they come and is an unmatched addition to any foodie’s cuisine.

About Kleinood

In the year 2000 Gerard and Libby de Villiers discovered a piece of land nestled in the Blaauwklippen valley between the Stellenbosch Mountain and the Helderberg, complete with mountains, river and pristine forest. It stole their hearts and they called it Kleinood. 

Having re-invented the rundown fruit farm by establishing vineyards and building a winery, they finally moved to the property in 2008. Gerard, an Engineer by profession, having devoted his substantial skills and energy to designing cellars for some of the biggest names in the Cape wine industry, designed and built the winery. Libby, responsible for the architectural design, created timeless buildings with strong traditional Cape influences. Gerard used his experience to design a state of the art winery while maintaining traditional winemaking methods. 

Today, ten of just twelve hectares of arable land are devoted to vines while the remaining two are under olive trees. The rest runs wild or is planted with fynbos, roses and vegetables. The Kleinood winery is the heart of the farm – a manifestation of the unique terroir and character of this simple unassuming haven where, in a delicate balance between science and passion, no viticultural or oenological effort is spared to produce a wine that is truly honest and elegant.

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