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Omuramba Meander

Omuramba Meander

Aug 2018

Everyone has probably heard about the Hoba Meteorite, Ghaub cave or Ombili San Foundation, not to mention Lake Otjikoto, the museums in Tsumeb and Grootfontein and the Living Museum of the Ju/'Hoansi.

But who knows the Maria Bronn mission station? The Dorsland Grootboom? The winery Thonningii? The Karavatu mine?

Ghaub cave entrance.

All these and many more attractions are to be found in the triangle between the national parks Etosha, Khaudum and Waterberg Plateau, in a region that up to now has been widely ignored by most tourists.

In order to change that, about forty accommodation establishments, activity providers, museums, arts & crafts markets and municipalities in the region have founded the tourism route, the Omuramba Meander.

Hoba meteorite, the largest on earth.

The initiator was the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, who contracted nonprofit organisation, Open Africa, to develop the  route, ensuring an increase in benefits from tourism for urban and rural communities.

Open Africa compiled information and photos of attractions and tourism products in the region and published this on its established web portal.

Khorab Memorial, Otavi.

In addition, Open Africa produced information boards for eight locations such as Waterberg Plateau or Fisher's Pan in Etosha which cross-reference one another.

The Omuramba Meander route has also been signposted at town entrances and at selected roadside spots. A brochure in digital and printed format appeared in time for high season in July.

Grapevine at Thonningii winery.

"Our Omuramba Meander initiative serves to raise awareness for the variety of experiences the region has to offer," says committee chairman André Neethling.

"Our region is not only a great stopover en route between Windhoek and Etosha or the Zambezi region, but is also a destination in its own right, inviting you to explore – or, as we like to say: to meander."

Dioptase mineral in the Tsumeb Museum.

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