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Snow in the Eastern Cape

Snow in the Eastern Cape

Oct 2017

The cold weather has brought snow to the Eastern Cape mountains. Tiffindell Ski Resort saw a snowfall of 30cm on the morning of Tuesday 10 October and continued snowfall resulted in South Africa’s only ski resort being isolated for a few days. South Africa’s High 5 passes were closed; Carlisleshoek, Volunteershoek and Naude’s Nek passes were closed and Ben McDhui mountain pass was closed. Conditions were expected to improve with South Africa’s High 5 Passes reopening by the weekend so now’s the ideal time to head up to Tiffindell to see the fresh snow, build snowmen and have some snow fun sliding (bumboarding). 

But if you can’t get up there, you can still enjoy some spectacular snow viewing below. 

NB if you are planning on journeying up there please treat all roads as dangerous and check local conditions before attempting drive them.    

Watch this space for further updates.

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