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Take It Easy

Take It Easy

Mar 2015

Words Bridgena Barnard

Why go away if all you want to do is read a book? It’s a question I’ve often been asked, and the answer is obvious: I have a family to consider. So while I was looking for a relaxed weekend to recharge, my nearest and dearest, who had no interest in being transferred to a world of dragons, heroes and romance, had other priorities.

Comfortably seated in a deck chair on the balcony of our log cabin at Lang Elsies Kraal cottage, I paid no attention to my family’s pleas of “I am hungry” or “What are we going to braai tonight?”. Accompanied by bird song and the rippling sound of the Breede River, I finally got to wolf down the pages of my book, a Christmas gift of last year. 

My imagination coloured the scenes from the book with the soft pinks of the Langeberg wrapped in loose blue clouds. The smell of the adjacent cottages’ braai fires finally prompted me to put my book down and suggest our supper options.

The kitchen, fully equipped with a stove, oven, microwave and tableware for six enabled me to prep a salad and some toasties in no time, while handy hubby took care of the braai. After supper the kids started playing cards and, apart from competitive shouts, the night was dead quiet. 

As they fell asleep, tired from swimming and playing outdoors, I listened to a lonely nightjar in the tree outside the chalet and felt wonderfully content. Hubby had enjoyed the birding and his treasure for the weekend was the abundance of black harriers in the area. I had escaped to never-never land.

Trip Planner

The rest camp at Bontebok is on the banks of the Breede River, with wooden decks and braai areas perfectly situated to make the most of sunset. In addition to 10 one-room chalets ideal for two people (R900 base rate a night), there are now four family units that cost R1 500 a night and can sleep four people. The family units can accommodate an extra two people, R200 an adult, R100 a child. The camping facilities are outstanding, from R180 a night for one to two people. 

“The project cost around R3-million to complete and created work for 16 people and a contractor from the local communities.” Roland January, Bontebok park manager.

Source: Wild Magazine

Bontebok National Park
Bushbuck Trail, Bontebok NP


Article provided from WILD - Wildlife, Environment and Travel Magazine.