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The award ceremony for Nightjar Adventurer 2014 will be held on Thursday 8 May 2014 at the Cape Union Mart Canal Walk Adventure Centre, where the judges’ winner and readers’ favourite will be announced. If you want to attend, please find the RSVP form here:


John Black, Allan Dickinson, Warren Eva and Robby Kojetin - Ama Dablam Summit

The first all-South African team to summit the iconic Himalayan peak of Ama Dablam (6,847m). Appalling conditions meant that most of the big international teams had given up and gone home but our lads stuck it out and reaped the rewards. Read the article

Richmond and Chris MacIntyre - Kayak descent of Okavango

The first kayak descent of the Okovango River, overcoming both the geography and the wildlife. The short season each year didn’t help either! Read the article

Ray Chaplin - Riverboard descent of Orange River

The first riverboard descent of the Orange River. The focus of the 2460 km journey was to spread awareness about pollution and bad water quality, and to initiate community riverbank cleanups. Read the article

Lee den Hond - Third SA woman to climb Everest

If you've climbed Kili somewhere in the past decade, how do you challenge yourself further? Well, Lee den Hond decided to go ALL the way, becoming the third South African woman to climb Everest! Read the article

Geoff Dalglish - Following wolf migration routes across Europe

An epic 2,500 km trek to follow ancient wolf migration corridors from Lake Geneva to Salamanca, Spain... Geoff saw a perspective of Europe that few of us ever will! Read the article

Chris Bertish - Three world records in five months

The first official source-to-sea journey down the River Thames, the fastest SUP crossing of the English Channel and then, to top it off, the SUP 12-hour Open Ocean Guinness world record. Read the article

Ryan Stramrood, Ram Barkai, Toks Viviers & Andrew Chin - Bering Strait Relay

The South African Ice Swimmers played an instrumental part in the team of international swimmers who came together to overcome storms, currents, and freezing cold temperatures to swim from Russia to Alaska. Read the article

Jonno Proudfoot & Thane Williams - A world first 459km open water swim from Mozambique to Madagascar

The Mad Swimmers set off from Mozambique and swam 459km across open ocean, completing possibly the longest open water swim yet! They only (!) saw three sharks, but claim they were too busy swimming to know whether the sharks were interested or not… Mad :) Read the article

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