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The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company was formed in 1929 to serve a growing number of people wanting to reach the summit of the mountain without having to climb.

Before the cableway was established, the only way up Table Mountain was by foot and, by the late 1870s, several of Cape Town's citizens had suggested the introduction of a railway to the top. Plans to build a rack railway were proposed, but implementation was halted by the outbreak of the First Anglo-Boer War in 1880.

By 1912, driven by a desire to make access to the mountain top easier for citizens and visitors, the Cape Town City Council commissioned an engineer, HM Peter, to investigate the various options for a public transport system to the top. The proposed plans for a funicular were halted by the First World War and, in 1926, a Norwegian engineer, Trygve Stromsoe, proposed the building of a cableway to the council.

Sir Alfred Hennessy and fellow investors Sir David Graaff and Sir Ernest Oppenheimer formed the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company to finance its construction.

The earliest cableway, while safe and efficient, was primitive by today's standards. Nevertheless, it offered a safe way to ascend the mountain in less than 10 minutes. Since the 1929 launch of the cableway, more than 20-million people have taken the trip to the top in progressively improved cable cars.

For more than 80 years, the company has been committed to providing visitors with a memorable experience and to delivering outstanding service. They are also responsible for helping to preserve the natural environment of the world heritage site in which it operates.

The company has been acknowledged and received numerous achievement awards, most notably International Organization for Standardization accreditation for its environmental management system.

Today, between 750 000 and 800 000 visitors a year are transported to the top of Table Mountain.

Lower Cable Station, Tafelberg Road, Cape Town