Kosi Kayaking

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24km from Manguzi

-26.8948, 32.8697


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There can be few vistas that rival that of cresting the tall sand dunes and finally looking down on the impressive sand flats of the Kosi Mouth estuarine system. On a bright summer’s day the water shimmers in multiple hues like a peacock’s tail.  And then there are the fish traps, still actively fished in the traditional way after hundreds of years.

Until recently, the only piece that was missing from the puzzle was the ability to explore this waterway up close and personal.  But, that has recently changed when the folk at Amangwane Lodge were offered a concession to take limited numbers of guest out onto the flats in kayaks.

You can do this paddle any which way you like, from a gentle moseying around the closest fish traps, to an endurance race to first, second and even third lake and back. Most sensible folk will option for the former, but even then a bit of planning will come in handy. For maximum enjoyment, plan your trip to take account of the prevailing wind and the tide.  The last thing you want to do is get lulled into a sense of comfort as you glide out with the tide, only to find that you are fighting both tide and wind in an epic battle to get back. One-way trips can be arranged if the timing of your travels just won’t reconcile with the tide table.

Also bear in mind that the kayaks have self-draining lugs. If you have been in one of these before, you will know that the lugs work both ways. In other words, your bottom will be soaked the moment you sit down. This is seldom a problem, even in winter, but you might find it useful to take along a dry pair of shorts for the drive back.