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Hondeklipbaai (Hondeklip Bay)



Eighty-seven kilometres (or 1.5 hours) from Garies on the N7, Hondeklipbaai (Dog Stone Bay)is a very small settlement on the rugged west coast of Namaqualand. It was named way back in 1846 after a large rock resembling a dogUnfortunately the rock is only a shadow of its original self after its ear broke off in 1853 and its nose was struck off by lightening at a later date.

The town is made up of a smattering of simple dwellings that are home to fishermen and a few people who’ve opted out of the rat race. This is not a coastal ‘resort’ by any stretch of the imagination, but it is the kind of place people visit to escape from the usual and seek the unexpected.

During late winter and early spring the area just inland and along 14km of picturesque shoreline is graced by blooms that grow virtually onto the beaches. The two shops and the bottle store only stock the bare essentials, and they don’t always have things like wood or fresh bread, so visitors are advised to stock up in advance. Be aware that there is no fuel available and no cell phone reception in the town. In the whole of South Africa, coastal towns don’t come smaller or quieter than this.

Look out for

Wild flower displays - the area is good for flower viewing. The folks at Die Honnehok are a good source of information on where the best areas are and have maps showing some circular flower viewing drives. 

The Aristea - the rusted hulk of this ship that was wrecked here in July 1945 lies draped over the rocks south of town. 

Beaches and rocky coastline - south of townthere are plenty of opportunities to walk and explore.

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