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Slumbering beneath a big sky and embraced on all sides by the plains and koppies of the Karoo, Loxton is one of those dreamy, unassuming towns that dot South Africa’s plattelandThe charming village is situated on the R63, 81km from Victoria West and 63km from Carnarvon.

Daily life here progresses at pretty much the same sedate pace as that of the water from the nearby fountain as it burbles along the leiwater channels to irrigate hedges, trees and vegetable gardens.

To say Loxton is laidback is an understatement. There is, it seems, time for everything, and there’s always tomorrow to do what could have been done today. There is virtually no unnatural sound - even the dogs seem reluctant to bark too loudly. A visit to Loxton is about ‘being there’. This is one of those few gems that has almost no shops and is so small that one can easily explore the entire town on foot in an hour’s leisurely stroll.

The leafy branches of pear trees are filled with the sound of cooing doves and twittering sparrows. In late September each year these same trees erupt in white blossoms giving the village a fairytale atmosphere.

Quaint Karoo-style houses snuggle behind fretwork-fringed stoeps and, unusually, the electricity poles run down the centre of the streets.

Unlike many other platteland towns that have attracted artists and eccentrics, Loxton’s serene ambience has for a long time been a magnet for writers.

Look out for

A springtime visit to see the pear trees in blossom.

Sundowners with a view - take the time at sunset to walk up the hill overlooking the town for stupendous views across the plains.

Architecture - one of the town’s greatest assets is its buildings.

Replica Dutch Castle & Windmill - 22km from town. Built in the 1970’s and set amongst dolerite koppiesthis three-storey castle, with its turrets and crenellated parapets, looks more like it belongs in a fairytale than in the Karoo. Nearby stands a replica Dutch windmill. Viewing of this private dwelling is by appointment only.

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