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The quaint village of Napier stands at the foot of the Soetmuisberg Mountains in the heart of the Overberg. To the north, east, and west the region’s iconic fields of wheat, barley and canola spread in a patchwork of rolling greens and yellows. Gravel backroads meander through this tapestry past farmsteads and grazing livestock.

Napier is a place that speaks of laid-back country-town bliss that creeps into your soul. The town has a good feel, and is home to an interesting mix of people that are hip, modern, young, old, arty, and just plain chilled. Often, the silence is broken only by the chime of the bells in the church spire, or the sound of a rooster’s cock-a-doodle-do.

The main thoroughfare is Sarel Cilliers Street, which is also the R316 that enters and leaves town to the east and west.  Along this strip of activity there are a few interesting shops to explore. A favourite visitor pastime is finding a table at one of the eateries and watching the comings and goings of the locals.

Look out for

Art & Toy World - Loved by kids, old and young. Here Alan Raubenheimer makes unique handcrafted tin-plate steamboats that are candle-fired, and their toy museum has an excellent display of old and rare toys. Alan is also an artist, and his impressionist watercolours are also exhibited. Art & Toy World is open 10h00-16h00 most days, including Sundays and public holidays, but is usually closed Tue-Wed. 

Napier Brewery - This is one of the most recent and exciting additions to the town. Phone ahead to arrange a visit but don’t expect a glossy tour, this is still a small company. They’ll offer you a taste of their excellent ale and lager, or you can buy it from a local pub.

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