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Rhodes Village is in the magisterial district of Barkly East, and lies deep in the mountains of the Eastern Cape Highlands, close to the Lesotho border. It is best know for its fly fishing, but that just scratches the surface.

The village itself harks back to a uncomplicated era - some kids still ride to school on horseback - and the tranquility of the vilage is enough reason so spend a week here to recharge your batteries.

The village was established in 1891 and has been declared a National Monument and Conservation Area. Its Victorian charm has been preserved for over a century in its remote and picturesque setting. Rhodes and the surrounding highlands burgeon into a velvety green with the summer rains.

Its crystal clear and pure streams are a fly-fisherman’s dream, famous for their wild trout.

Splendid mountains form a breathtaking backdrop to the village’s timeless beauty, making this a special retreat for stress-frayed souls and adventure-lovers alike.

Rhodes also has wonderful opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding, and has a wealth of Bushman paintings. Accommodation includes cosy resort lodging with necessary heating and warm fires, as well as camping and self-catering options.

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There is no shortage of running water in and around Rhodes. Fly-fishing for wild rainbow trout and indigenous smallmouth yellowfish can be arranged through the Wild Trout Association, which has a comprehensive website about fly-fishing in the Eastern Cape Highlands.

Wild Mountain Adventures operate slackpacking trails from the Wartrail District into Rhodes Village. The country roads in the area lean themselves perfectly to mountain biking.

Birdwatching:  236 species of birds, including bearded vulture, orange-breasted rockjumper and ground woodpecker.

The mountain passes of the area offer incredible views, and are all worth exploring if your vehicle is capable.

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